Our optimised portfolio

We’ve optimised our portfolio to enhance our ability to deliver quality growth from our most important brands and products.

Our key strategic and focus brands have been grouped together and are now managed as Growth Brands. These are high quality brands with strong consumer appeal and, with the exception of the recently launched Parker & Simpson, established positions in key markets. We have successfully developed a number of these brands into total tobacco offerings, providing consumers with both cigarette and fine cut tobacco options. We’re managing these brands to drive quality volume, share and revenue growth over the long-term. We measure the performance of our Growth Brands against volume, share and revenue metrics.

Our Specialist Brands consist of a range of cigarette, fine cut tobaccos, papers, cigars and smokeless tobacco brands. Specialist Brands have strong positions in their own categories and appeal to specific consumer groups. These brands generate strong returns and we measure their performance against revenue metrics.

The rest of our portfolio consists of local and regional brands that fulfil a variety of roles. Some of these brands have the capacity to continue adding to our revenue momentum; others will add greater value by being migrated into Growth Brands and we will be progressing a number of brand migrations in the coming year.

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Growth Brands

These high quality brands have strong consumer appeal and generally well established positions in key markets

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  • Gauloises Blondes logo
  • Lambert and Butler logo
  • Bastos logo
  • Parker and Simpson logo
  • News logo
  • JPS logo
  • Fine logo
  • West logo
  • USA Gold logo


Specialist Brands

Specialist Brands have strong positions in their own categories, appealing to specific consumer groups

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  • Style logo
  • Cohiba logo
  • Monte Cristo logo
  • Romeo y Julieta logo
  • Route 66 logo
  • Drum logo
  • Golden Virginia logo
  • Rizla logo
  • Backwoods logo
  • Skruf logo